​​​​​​​e-Participation Policy

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center would like to welcome electronic participation of all its customers and partners as one of the important factors in the decision-making process, and is pleased to receive your comments and views through social media websites (Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel).

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center has full right to ban or delete any comments or materials that violate and contradicts the terms and conditions set forth for social media usage, including but not limited to comments that:

  • Undermine or abuse beliefs.
  • Promote discrimination.
  • Promotes illegal activity.
  • Violate any legal or intellectual property rights.
  • Involve a threat to security.
  • Infringe the privacy of others.
  • Contain profane language.
  • Violate applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Any discussion topic or comment will be subject to review by the competent official before clearance for publication, and no issue of a personal nature will be displayed on FCSC’s social media network.

To review the guidelines for social media usage developed by the UAE e-Government team,​ Click Here​​​