About The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC) is a government center affiliated with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs in the United Arab Emirates. FCSC was established according to federal decree number 2/2020, with the aim to develop and enhance the UAE’s performance in the areas of global competitiveness, statistics and data, and to support the country's journey in achieving UAE’s Centennial Plan 2071. FCSC is actively engaged in building an integrated national statistical system, raising the UAE’s competitiveness across various sectors, enhancing the country’s position within global competitiveness reports and indicators, and is also engaged in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its capacity as the General Secretariat of the National Committee for the Sustainable Development Goals. FCSC ideates and recommends policies, strategies, legislations, and plans related to competitiveness and statistics to different stakeholders and decision makers in the UAE. FCSC is actively involved in raising awareness on the culture of competitiveness and the importance of providing quality and accurate data and statistical information at a national level.

Core Business
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Our Mandates

Suggest policies, strategies and plans related to statistics and competitiveness by coordinating with related government entities and seeking approval of the cabinet


Study best international practices in the statistics and competitiveness sectors and seek to apply them.


Advocate and spread a culture of competitiveness and reinforce the importance of having available statistics and data in the country.


Provide training and technical support to all governmental entities and advance statistics and competitiveness based on international best practices.


Offer data services and technological and technical consultancy and carry out specialized surveys for the requester.


Develop and execute a unified statistical system within the different sectors that feature comprehensiveness, accuracy, sustainability and modernity on the country level.


Arrange and participate in conferences, seminars and workshops related to the statistical and competitiveness domain by coordinating with the concerned entities.


Represent the country in international agreements, conventions and programs that are related to statistical and competitiveness domain by coordinating with the concerned entities.


Unify the definitions, methodologies and classifications within the statistical and competitiveness standards through coordination with government entities and international institutions.


Classify and analyze statistical data and competitiveness indicators by cooperating with government entities and work on providing them.​​​​​​​