Knowledg​e for prosperity


FCSC endeavors to provide the best and finest services to all UAE institutions and individuals alike, as well as our international partners, across all sectors through embodying the connection and synergies between competitiveness and statistics we seek to support our partners on our journey towards excellence, by providing the most distinguished services, aligned with the values of commitment and transparency, and in harmony with the highest standards of practice. In so doing, we seek to emphasize the powerful impact of statistics and competitiveness on policy making and strategic planning. We aim to become a global role model that contributes to the UAE’s advancement and prosperity. This commitment is our cherished promise to our nation.






Openness to challenge



Strategic Plan

Nation​al Committe​es and Councils

Higher Committee for Coordination of Statistical Work

In order to develop statistical work in the UAE, FCSC with the power vested in it formed the Higher Committee for Coordination of Statistical Work in the UAE with a decree​ No. (21) of 2016 from FCSC Board of Directors that include representatives from FCSC and all local statistical centers and executive councils of each Emirate. The committee aims to coordinate, collaborate and organize national statistical work based on global standards.

Emirates Competitiveness Council

The UAE Competitiveness Council was formed by the Cabinet Resolution No. (70 and / 2 ) for the year 2023, with the aim of developing the competitiveness framework in the country. The council includes members from the executive councils of the UAE local governments to coordinate and cooperate in organizing competitiveness work at the national level in accordance with international standards.

The National Committee on SDGs

In January 2017, UAE’s National Committee on SDGs was formed by decree of the UAE Cabinet. Her Excellency Reem bint Ebrahim al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Chairwoman of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center (FCSC) chairs the National Committee. FCSC serves as vice-chair and secretariat for the Committee. The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and 15 other Federal level government organizations are also members and are responsible for the national implementation for SDGs, monitoring and reporting of progress towards targets and stakeholder engagement.