FCSA Clinches the “Excellence in GIS Implementation (EGI) Award” 


In recognition of Inventing the Geospatial Data Hub for SDGs

Dubai, UAE- 6th February 2020:

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) succeeded in putting firm hands on the “Excellence in GIS Implementation (EGI) Award” in the category of GIS Sustainable Development. FCSA received the award during its participation in the “GOVWORX'20” Conference recently organized in Dubai by "GISTEC" Company.

The award is granted to federal and local government authorities to recognize their contributions to implementing geographic information systems (GIS). FCSA received the award in a credit of the efforts exerted to develop the "Geospatial Data Hub for the Sustainable Development Goals”, which is part of the “Geospatial Statistical System” initiative launched to expand the scope of implementing the geographic information, and achieving the optimal use of the geographic planning in statistics, surveying, measuring indicators, and monitoring the UAE progress is the area of sustainable development.

H.E. Mohamed Hasan, Executive Director of the National Statistics and Data Sector at FCSA, availed this opportunity to highlight the FCSA commitment and relentless efforts exerted to the most advanced technologies in the area data sciences to ensure getting accurate information. He pointed out that this achievement is the result of fruitful and active partnerships between FCSA and several federal and local government authorities in the UAE.

“We are proud of this remarkable achievement made by FCSA. It is my pleasure to extend my appreciation to the team who invented, developed, and accomplished the geospatial data project for the sustainable development goals,” he added.

Noteworthy, the “Geospatial Statistical Systems” cover three underpinning pillars. The first pillar deals with the single map, which is the fundamental pillar for survey planning and conducting geographical analyses. In addition to the single map, there is the national map of the seven emirates, designed to present the demographic data, and community facilities in the health and education sectors.

The second pillar addressed the issue of empowering the national geographic statistics, including national administrative statistics data and the national survey data. Such data take advantage of the demographic data sets and community facilities to enrich data and support statistical analysis.

The third pillar covers the Geospatial Data Hub for the Sustainable Development Goals, with sights set to make the FCSA’s statistical indicators public. The hub established by the FCSA has been linked to the UN Stats Open SDG Data Hub, which is designed to monitor and record the countries' progress in achieving the SDGs through the feature of synchronizing and sharing the data provided by the FCSA’s hub.

Since its birth in 2007, the annual Excellence in GIS Implementation (EGI) Award has become the most prestigious award in MENA and India in the area of GIS. It is given to authorities and organizations which excel in using GIS implementations and earn the highest scores as per the criteria set by the EGI independent jury.