610 Membership Application Received for the Youth Advisory Council for SDGs 


Reem Al Hashimi: The Council will initiate the role and visions of young people and their ideas for building societies and sustainable development in and out of the UAE.

Shamma Al Mazroui: The Council is a unique opportunity to be involved in an experience of knowledge and acquire practical skills that qualify young people to be future leaders.

Dubai-UAE, 30 December 2018

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) has revealed that the evaluation phase of the candidates’ membership applications for the Youth Advisory Council for SDGs has been commenced. The Youth Advisory Council for SDGs was announced that the council will be established in the presence of H.E. Amina Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, during the United Nations Global Data Forum 2018 held last October in Dubai.

The total number of candidates’ membership applications for the Youth Council reached 610 applications from inside and outside the country. UAE nationals represented 76% of the total applicants, while other nationalities submitted 24% of the applications. Additionally, 71% of applicants are of those who have completed their studies and applied for jobs. Meanwhile, the remaining 29% of the applicants are school students. As for the applicants’ gender, the percentage of female applicants was 52% as compared to 48% of males.

H.E. Reem Bint Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation and the Chairperson of the National Committee for Sustainable Development Goals, expressed her pride of the youth of the UAE and their interest in the file of SDGs.

She added: “The participation of young people in the development of policies and plans is an embodiment of our leadership vision for the future of the UAE, its sons, and daughters, and its keenness that young people have a greater role and close association with everything related to sustainable economic and social development in the United Arab Emirates.”

She also stated that the Youth Advisory Council for Sustainable Development goals will play a significant role in raising awareness about the efforts of various government agencies and private sector institutions in the country to achieve the SDGs 2030, as well as help in creating opportunities for advancing youth visions and ideas which support human and sustainable development in and outside the country.

H.E. Shamma Bint Suhail bin Faris Al Mazrouei, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said: “The Youth Advisory Council for SDGs is a unique opportunity to be involved in an experience of knowledge and acquire many practical skills that enable young people to become leaders of the future, and responsible for supporting the march of social and economic development in the State through achieving the SDGs 2030.”

She added: “Our wise government has invested in the energies of young people and has made taking advantage of their capacities in the process of development, progress and sustainability among its top priorities.”

She further explained: Through young people, we can harness the inherent energies and high potentials that will qualify them to participate in building the UAE and realize its vision, which is to be the best country in the world by 2071.”

H.E. Abdullah Nasser Lootah, the Vice President of the National Committee for Sustainable Development goals and the Director-General of FCSA, stated: “This Council which is concerned with the SDGs, is an interactive knowledge platform for young people. It is through this Council young people can listen to each other’s opinions and other various and versatile viewpoints from their counterparts from other nationalities and ages. The Youth will will have the opportunity to be involved in the most important contemporary issues that capture the interest of our leadership in the UAE to enhance their role in building the future of the UAE and contribute to the achievement of the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”

The applications submitted by young people will be evaluated according to the criteria set by several experts and specialists in the youth files and SDGs of the FCSA. Based on the evaluation results, the best candidates will be selected for several meetings and personal interviews, to choose 10 of them to be members of the Council.

The members of the Council will have many opportunities to participate actively in a number of events, sessions, seminars and activities in the UAE, most importantly, is the participation in preparing the agenda of conferences and events related to SDGs to be held during 2019 and 2020.

Mahra Hussein Al Ali, the Chairman of the Youth Council of the FCSA, stressed that: “We, the young people all over the world, need opportunities and constructive environments that drive innovation, creativity, and valuable work. This is certainly, what the UAE government is keen to provide us with. TheYouth Advisory Council will provide such environments and opportunities for the Youth towards achieving the SDGs.”

“Indeed, the establishment of this council is an confirmation of the leadership’s confidence in youth, their energies and potentials in promoting construction and productivity, and playing leadership roles in the country’s prosperity and development,” she stated.

It is worth mentioning that the Youth Advisory Council for Sustainable Development Goals marks the cooperation between the FCSA and the Federal Youth Foundation.

The members of the Council will be young people between the age of 15 to 35 years. An equal number of males and females will be selected in support of Goal 5 of SDGs on Gender Equality.

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