UAE’s Government engagement model presented in New Zealand 


Dubai, Wellington- 7 August 2019

In the recent official visit to the head office located in New Zealand’s capital Willington, the senior management of the New Zealand’s G2G Know-How Foundation welcomed H.E. Abdullah Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA).

G2G Know-How is a public foundation that reports to the New Zealand government. It dedicates all its efforts in developing innovative government solutions through exchange of ideas and experiences with the most significant experts from the public and private sectors from around the world.

H.E. Lootah’s visit to New Zealand G2G Know-How came as part of his tour of New Zealand’s government, semi-government and private institutions this week. During the meetings held at its premises, the G2G Know-How teams briefed H.E Lootah on their wide range of activities and successful experiences in areas of developing innovative government projects.

FCSA’s Director-General and New Zealand’s task forces discussed FCSA’s initiatives that are channeled towards developing the UAE’s National Statistical System for improving the Competitiveness Strategy and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The G2G Know-How officials introduced the foundation’s methodology in collaboratively developing initiatives of various government entities in New Zealand. Their process includes identifying challenges, defining development goals, drawing up a master plan to develop and implement solutions, identifying partnerships with experienced foreign governments, and examining and analyzing results.

On his visit to the G2G Know-How Foundation, H.E. Lootah stated, “New Zealand is featured by the foremost global competitiveness reports and indicators as one of the most developed countries. It is an exciting opportunity for the UAE to be G2G Know-How Foundation’s first-ever international co-operation experience. Learning from this experience inspires us to further excellent the efficiency and effectiveness of UAE’s National Teams and the innovative services offered to individuals and institutions in our homeland.”

A meeting was held between H.E. Lootah and Mr. Malcolm Miller, Executive Director of the G2G Know-How Foundation and former New Zealand Ambassador to UAE. Mr. Miller availed this opportunity to appreciate the active collaboration between New Zealand and the UAE’s public institutions. He noted the similarity and convergence of government visions on various aspects of government initiatives, including establishing an innovation culture, the role of accurate and up-to-date data in supporting decisions and placing sustainability as part of the government priorities in all areas and sectors.

FCSA’s - Director General’s visit to New Zealand included visiting several semi-government and private institutions specializing in the field of data such as the Data Ventures of the New Zealand Statistics Center and the head office of Creative Company. Data Ventures is a global provider of specialized and innovative services and products of data-driven insight while Creative Company is a private company that aims to build and promote innovation and creativity culture across the government and private institutions through the development of individual and institutional skills of work teams.

H.E. Lootah concluded his statement by saying: “Our visit to the capital of New Zealand was very successful. I am happy with the results of the meetings held with all the institutions. It has been agreed to intensify bilateral efforts by organizing more activities, exchanging experiences and launching projects and initiatives in various specialties and fields of common interest, particularly in fields of developing Statistical Activities, Management of Competitive Strategy and Governance of initiatives dedicated to achieving SDGs.”

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